Monday, September 30, 2013

Military Using Chemicals Against Their Own People

In this article the findings of a sociologists named Lisa Martino-Taylor are revealed. The US Military were using chemicals against their own citizens during the cold war, and claiming it was to protect them from the enemy, when in reality it was for an experiment. The spraying of toxic zinc cadmium sulfide took place in three different cities, including St. Louis. City officials were not aware of what was happening, and the documents were classified for many years.

When this was discovered the military insisted the chemical was safe. However, the particles that were being sprayed could possibly have been radioactive. No follow up study about long term health issues on the exposed citizens was done.

Another article, released by the government, says that this specific chemical was used because the particles had similarities with the size of particles that could be used for biological warfare. Cadmium would be the most toxic compound of the mixture, it could cause lung cancer as well as  kidney and bone problems. However, the claims are this is only when exposed to high doses over an extended period of time. The actual spraying of these chemicals in the 1960s was over a short periods of time, in low doses.

Harmful or not, US citizens should not unknowingly be exposed to chemicals by their own military. Chemicals can react to certain things unexpectedly and cause irreversible consequences.


  1. This was very informative and i actually learned about this in school. Im in the Army, and more specifically in the Chemical Corp. I work with Chemical Biological Radiological Warfare and Defense just to give some insight on my level of expertise in this field. This story is merely one of many tests used by the government when trying to develop and test chemical and biological dispersion affects. Before chemical and biological weapons were banished the US quite frequently did tests to develop new dispersion devices. In one test they injected mosquitos with a relatively harmless biological agent and released these mosquitoes over cities. This was done to test the mosquitoes effectiveness in spreading any type of biological agent.

  2. This is article was interesting to me because I plan to join the military sometime in the future. I was glad to come across this article.