Monday, September 30, 2013

Uterine Fibroids have become uncontrollable in women of color. Fibroids have always been found in women older than 40, but as of lately they can be found in girls going through puberty. An article I found on, links these fibroids to hair relaxers. Hair relaxers are used by most women of color to strengthen hair, sometimes known as a perm. The chemicals in perm have are being studied as the key root of these abnormal fibroids. "Going natural" has become a new trend, it is more apparent that the side effects of using hair relaxers are too big, for example uterine fibroids, hair loss and these relaxers also burn the skin, if left too long, they can severely burn the scalp . There has been experiments that show the chemicals in relaxers can dissolve a soda can, if it is left in there for a couple of hours.

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