Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dr. Michael Huggins

I attended Dr. Huggin's seminar on November 22. It  was very fascinating and he was very engaging. Considering that 95% of everything he talked about completely went over my head. It was some very intense chemistry, the only thing that made sense to me was Hydrogen Bonding. After looking over my notes and doing a little research, the seminar made more sense.

His research and main subject for the seminar was Dipyrrinones. These molecules tend to want to react with themselves. His research is geared toward forming different reactions with this molecule.

According to Dr. Huggins intruducing the guest into this equation was very difficult. Most of his attempts failed. He also stressed his dislike for amides, due to them rejecting his experiment.

He also tried adding sulfonamide, from the results he shared, it seems as if the sulfonoamide was working much better than the first experiment.

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  1. I attended that lecture as well and I would have to agree with you on the majority of the material going over my head. I thought it was interesting the way he used the dipyrinnones to exhibit a fluorescent effect. Using that in combination with UV spectra could be useful in detecting harmful chemicals like the Sarin gas example that he gave. So while he did in fact have many failed attempts like you stated, it may have been a blessing in disguise finding the fluorescent dipyrrinones like he and his researchers just so happened to do.