Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dr. Michael Huggins

On November 22nd I attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Michael Huggins on "hydrogen bonding studies with simple pyrrole derivatives". The seminar was an interesting insight into the work that Dr. Michael Huggins has carried out in his lab and how chemistry research generally takes place and the lengthy procedures it involves. Dr. Huggins described how he is very interested in supramolecular chemistry "chemistry beyond the molecule". The seminar was focused around the molecule dipyrrinone, and during the seminar he Dr. Huggins discussed many reactions which he has achieved and those which he wished to achieve and was experimenting with.
The part of the talk I found most interesting was the focus on hydrogen bonding, as this was something I could relate to and apply to the class. Much of the other parts of the seminar was difficult to comprehend as it was advance chemistry, however I could understand the hydrogen bonding present in the dipyrrinone which influences its shape. This occurred between the nitrogen and hydrogen molecules.
Dr. Huggins presented his findings on his attempts to synthesis a dipyrrinone amide, pyrrole sulphonamide and also discussed his use of analysis techniques that determine where the atoms are in a molecule in relation to space.
It is difficult to go into more detail about the seminar as I found it difficult to understand, however, I did learn a lot about the techniques, patience and persistence needed in obtaining results and making new discoveries.

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  1. I attended the same seminar. I also found it very difficult to understand. I had a very hard time following it, the chemistry was a bit too high level for me. HE was very engaging, even though everything flew over my head, it was still very interesting