Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The professor from the University of West Florida visited UNCG. He made a speech on his work about Pyrrole Derivatives and the hydrogen bonds. He talks about how they are doing a study in Pyrrole Derivatives. He has been working to figure or to workout what he could with this dipyrrinone structure for seven years. He works with his undergraduate students and they put in a lot of work in from what I've seen. He used NOE spectrometry, NMR's and mentioned how the reactant they had is not going to work with a bulky group. He said the bulky group causes steric hindrance; this was what we learned in class. He showed us all a picture of what worked when they added an amide group to the dipyrrinone but he also showed the one that they failed on. Near the end, he showed pictures of compounds that were florescent. There were different colored ones because the compounds react accordingly to the substances added. His speech was interesting. I am glad I know more of what he's talking about due to class lectures!

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