Friday, November 22, 2013

Hydrogen Binding Seminar

Michael Huggins came and spoke today, November 22, 2013 on the topic of hydrogen bonding studies with simple pyrrole derivatives. He began his talk on super molecules and specifically dipyrrinone. He talked about how this compound self associates to form 4 hydrogen bonds. In his lab at the University of West Florida, working with undergraduates, he found the Ka of the association reaction in order to get the dipyrrinone to react with other compounds. He tried to add an amide to the dipyrrinone and after several attempts, was able to do so. He also was able to make a sulfonamide and added it to the dipyrrinone. He wanted to use the dipyrrinone as a building block for larger super molecules.
Mr. Huggins ended his talk by mentioning organophosphates which are used as herbicides and in chemical warfare. I found it interesting when he showed pictures of how the compounds were florescent and that they change their color upon reacting with certain substances. And finally to conclude his time speaking with us, he shared some information about the university he teaches at.
This was a very interesting seminar and neat to hear him talk about things that we have been learning about in class. I enjoyed hearing him speak.

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  1. I agree that the part of the speech on organophosphates such as sarin was very interesting, since this chemical product was said to have been used recently in the Syria.