Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cyclosporine-Dry Eyes No More

  In the long list of molecules many jumped out as my favorite, but then I remembered something I learned when I was interning at a local Vet's office. The popular dry eye drug, Restasis, started as a veterinary medicine for treatment of the same condition in dogs. It is one of a few to make the jump from veterinary use to human use
  Cyclosporine is used as a broad anti-inflamatory and in the form of Optimmune helps to reduce damage to tear glands and help in the stimulation of tear production. It is used in dogs only to treat the condition known as keratoconjunctivitis Sica (KCS or dry eye).
  This may seem like a strange molecule to choose as my favorite, but I've seen firsthand the drug in action and how much it an improve a dog's wellbeing. My ultimate goal is to be a Veterinarian and seeing the happy smiling face of a dog treated for dry eye is very rewarding.




  1. Hi Justin, I thought your post was really interesting as it showed how a drug can be transferred from use for an animal to a human. In high school I did some work experience in a veterinary surgery and thought it was really interesting as I also saw the drug in action! When you think about it, the structure of an eye in a dog is obviously similar to those of humans but I still think it is a little weird how a dog would be prescribed the same drug as a human!

  2. Hi Justin,
    I also thought your post was extremely interesting! I've always suffered from dry eyes, and I think it is funny that the prescription I once used was originally intended for dogs!

    I also find it fascinating how similar the canine and human body is.