Saturday, August 31, 2013

My favorite organic molecule.

My favorite organic molecule is Isometheptene.  Isometheptene (also known as isometheptene mucate) is a sympathomimetic amine sometimes used in the treatment of migraines and tension headaches due to its vasoconstricting properties.  Since migraines are caused in part by a vasodialation of the blood vessels in the head, the vasoconstricting properties of Isometheptene help in counter acting this and relieving the pressure and pain caused by this.  While I am unable to find the specific origin of the compound it is evident that the vasoconstrictive properties were first recognized and utilized by drug companies to combat both migraines and tension headaches.  This drug is usually combined with both a pain reliever and a body relaxing compound. 

I am a big fan of this organic compound because I myself suffer from migraine headaches.  Tylenol and aspirin only do so much, but soon after taking this I feel a wave of calm coming over me and the migraine subsides.  The pain would be throbbing and often times due to light sensitivity.  To put the pain in perspective, I have had many occasions where the work day ends just as I slip into a migraine fit.  The first thing I would have to do is dim the dash lights because even the excess brightness was a trigger but luckily by this point the sun had gone down.  Then I would take the so called “scenic route” home just to help in avoiding the oncoming headlights and other light nuisances that are present on the highway.  Most times I would go right in to bed to block out the light and noise.  It could be 6pm, it didn’t matter to me.  Once I discovered the powers of Midrin (isometheptene containing drug), I was able to take back control of those lost evenings.  Now all I do is take a pill at the first sign and within a half hour I am back to normal.  It’s hard to believe that three different elements can combine to form such an amazing thing (C9H19N).
-Nicholas Manuel

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