Friday, August 30, 2013

Dopamine - more than happy

Dopamine is by far my organic molecule of choice.  Though there are many reasons to which I lay claim to dopamine as my favorite, the most important reason would be due to the fact that I love a working brain…
For ages dopamine has been known as the “happy hormone,” though this role of dopamine is commonly known, there are a few interesting facts about it will surprise near everyone.  Dopamine is responsible for more than just your happiness through its role as a neurotransmitter, and lies even outside of the central nervous system.  In the kidneys, dopamine plays a role in reducing insulin production, while in the immune system it reduces the activity of lymphocytes.  It is used in a variety of treatments for disorders such as ADHD, heart failure, and shock.  Brozoski et al. have shown that dopamine is a key player in cognitive function and performance in the prefrontal cortex. Since this is where cognition comes from, I can’t help but love this organic molecule.

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